Gentle Discipline For Happy Families

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The Calmer Parenting eBook Collection Heather Lindsay This Parenting Life

Family Rules

Without a clear set of rules that can be implemented with consistency, having a family that runs smoothly is much more difficult. 

This eBook will show you the process to create a set of family rules that are work for your kids and your family.

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans help everyone get on the same page and working together. 

Want consistency between parents? A parenting plan is a must!

How do we set one up? This eBook will show you the whole process and how it works in practice!

Calm Discipline

No-one wants to be the parent that is always yelling at their kids. But sometimes it seems the only way to get them to learn. 

There is an alternative with the practical 5C's Discipline Process that you learn how to implement in this eBook.


Are you finding that punishing your child doesn't work? Ready for an alternative that does?

Setting up a system of clear consequences is an essential part of the discipline process and how we teach our children so they learn quicker!

Want a Set of Practical resources to help you create the calmer and connected family you've dreamed of?

These 4 eBooks are the perfect place to start moving towards a calmer household.

I know how hard it is to have a calm household. With three kids of my own and 7 years spent as a single mum, this parenting life can be chaotic and stressful! I love practical strategies that we can implement to help ourselves and our kids QUICKLY! This is what this set of eBooks is all about. Pop your email address in, and I'll send you an email with the download link. Read them, put them into practice and get in contact with me with any questions. And if you want some help about tailoring them to your kids and the struggles you face, then simply get in contact with me and let's chat!

Heather Lindsay Parenting Coach at This Parenting Life

heather lindsay

Parenting Coach, Registered Nurse & Mum to 3 kids, 3 chickens and two cats!

The Process to Calmer & Happier Families

simple steps to success

When we are calmer and more connected with our children, then generally listen and respect us more.
Having a framework to put into place when our children's behaviour is inappropriate, helps take the guess work out of parenting.
When we have a set of clear family rules we can help our children know what is expected of them, before they make a mistake.
When our kids know the family rules we can easily use them to address their behaviour.
Using natural consequences vs punishments has been shown to be more effective to teach children.
Putting everything together in a parenting plans helps all parents including step-parents or other caregivers (including grandparents) be consistent.
When we are consistent with our expectations and our teachings, our children learn quicker.
When our children learn quicker, we feel less stressed and overwhelmed and we feel calmer, more connected and have a better family life.

If we're struggling with our children and our home life, doing the same thing, using the same techniques over and over again and expecting a different outcomes is the definition of insanity. If you relate to this, maybe it's time to try something different. Download the eBooks and see how the changes can work for your family.

Gentle Discipline for Happier Families

A set of 4 eBooks... 100% FREE

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