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Help Support Your Child & Find The Joy In Parenting Again

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It can be hard to admit when You're struggling as a parent. 

Parent coaching helps you solve the problems you are having with your child through improve the strength of the connection you have with them. 

Improve your parenting techniques and learn practical coping mechanisms you can use when you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how respond.

Work out what is behind your child's challenging behaviour, what they are trying to tell you and how you can help. 

Learn pro-active, practical and effective positive parenting strategies. 

Focus on actions and the results YOU want, learning the tools you need to thrive on your own.

All within the comfort of your own home with a family centred, non-judgemental coaching focus.

Parenting Support Options

Individual one-off sessions

Book as you need to through our online booking system. 

VIP Coaching package

An intensive 3 month coaching package including 1:1 sessions and support in-between. 

6 Week Intensive Package

A 6 week intensive package to help you improve family dynamic

Regardless of the challenge you're facing; aggressive kids, tantrums, sibling rivalry, no-one listening, whining, bickering... all of it can be improved. 

It's all about being calm, connected AND having a plan. Winging it day to day might seem easier, but it doesn't get the results you want and need! 

Parent coaching helps you connect to be the type of parent you want to be. 

Our kids don't come with an instruction manual, but if we look closely enough we can see that they are the instruction manual. 

If we look beyond their behaviour to the underlying need and address that, we often get the results we're looking for a lot quicker. 

When we combine this with a little self-care, ways to handle the stress of parenting in the moment & some structured planning about the way we want our family to run (think values, rules & consequences)... magic truly can happen!

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How Does It Work?

Coaching sessions are available as stand alone sessions or ongoing coaching packages. Sessions are available via phone or Zoom and tailored to the individual needs of the family and may include topics such as:

Managing parenting stress and anxiety
What your child's behaviour is telling you
Adjusting to the role of being a parent
Parenting plans and goal setting 
Co-parenting & step-parenting families
Family routines 
Effective gentle discipline strategies 
Self-compassion for the challenging days  
Develop resilience and more patience 
Create a secure attachment between parent and child 

Ready to Jump In?

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As a mum of 3 I know how busy life gets. When things are difficult at home everyone suffers. Getting some help to put a practical plan in place to fill your own cup and help your child makes all the difference for everyone.

Heather Lindsay

What My Clients say

"I cried happy and thankful tears once our Final session ended."

Honestly, I am beyond impressed with the course (Circle of Security Parenting), but mostly thankful and impressed with your service. I am so excited to continue on this journey with my babies. I feel so much more confident, worthy and secure as their mother. I will always include you in this reflection of starting this journey.

Thank you for all your energy, passion and flexibility. I will definitely be referring you onto friends and family.

@Kim, mum of 2

"I have walked away from our coaching feeling confident in myself and as a parent"

I first started working with Heather when my son was 1 month old. I was struggling with all the changes since giving birth and adjusting to having a newborn. It was also around the time that my husband was due to go back to work, so I knew I needed some extra support as he works away on a 2 weeks away, 1 week home roster.

I got so much out of my coaching with Heather. She provided support and advice that was impartial and objective. Heather would point things out (or ask me the right questions to get me to realise myself!) that I just couldn’t see amongst the emotion attached to the issue at hand. She would help me to see when I was making excuses, trying to justify things or not actually looking at what the real issue was.

The biggest realisation I had in my time with Heather was that I was the one placing most of the pressure and judgement on myself as a mother. I have walked away from our coaching feeling confident in myself as a parent and in the way I can deal with and manage the changes and challenges that have been and will continue to come.

I feel like me again. A different me – because becoming a parent will always change you. But I’ve learnt to love my new identity and still feel like me too.

@Jessica, mum of 2

"The best part was having individual support"

I highly recommend working with Heather one on one. I spent three months with her and she helped give me strategies to work with my son. The best part was having individual support and I was able to contact her in the middle of things going haywire which was awesome.

She offers a free 15 min chat and I highly recommend giving that a go to get a feel for how it might suit your family. She’s very down to earth and approachable.

april, Mum of 1

"So knowledgeable and approachable"

Heather is so knowledgeable and approachable. Her understanding of children, their needs and what parents can do to better support them (and themselves!) is invaluable.

Lina, Mum of 3

Gentle Discipline for Happier Families

Want a taste of who I work and what I can help you with? 

I have a set of free eBooks that you can download to help you get an idea of the strategies I recommend and give you the opportunity to make some changes in your own family. Pop your details in below and I'll send you a copy via email. 

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